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Express Plumbing & Gas supplies a superior service for the supply, maintenance, repair and installation of gas heating systems and appliances. Our Gas Safe engineers supply fast, efficient boiler repair in Fulwood 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re industry experts in repairing malfunctioning boilers, well- trained and highly knowledgeable with many years’ experience. No matter what boiler type, make or model, we will find the problem swiftly and deal with it.

Why Choose Us for Boiler Repair in Fulwood?

Friendly, Helpful Service – We realise that a faulty boiler can leave you in an irritating, distressing scenario; you probably have no heating or warm water. We provide you with friendly advice, help and support within our boiler repair service.

Swift Response Times – If your boiler fails, the very last thing you want is to have to wait days for an engineer. Our gas safe registered engineers will endeavour to find the fault and repair your boiler in the quickest possible time so inconvenience is kept to a minimum.

Gas Safe Engineers – The Gas industry is regulated by a number of government directives; only Gas Safety certified engineers can legally undertake boiler repair in Fulwood (akin to what was legally CORGI as of 2009). All of our engineers are Gas Safety registered so you can be certain that work is performed to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Fully insured – You’ll be able to relax, safe knowing that our engineers have comprehensive insurance to execute repairs in your house or place of work.

Competitive Prices – When it comes to boiler repair in Fulwood, we have never been beaten on price.

Sound Advice – We provide you with genuine, expert consultancy on boiler repair based on many years’ experience and expertise in all boiler makes and models. After time, virtually all boilers suffer from corrosion and components begin to fail. We give professional advice and encourage the most efficient, cost efficient solution.

Supply and Installation – If you find a number of parts starting to fail on your old boiler this could lead to more costly repairs being carried out. If this is the case our company offers low cost boiler installation too so there’s no need to go elsewhere.

Domestic or Commercial – We have vast experience in the field and offer boiler repair in Fulwood for any make or model of boiler.

100 % free Quotes – For an assessment of your emergency needs or to schedule a site visit Phone us.

Fault Finding and Boiler Repair in Fulwood

Our Gas Safe registered plumbers will undertake a rigorous testing and diagnostic procedure to analyse your boiler. This will include a comprehensive check of the boiler, its parts and connections.

Common Boiler Dilemmas

Leaking – Boiler leaks must be inspected, in some circumstances it’s a trivial issue like a defective seal or valve, but it might also indicate a more serious issue. Neglected it may cause a lot more damage; operating a leaky boiler on low pressure could cause permanent damage to internal parts. It is also possible for water to get into electrical components and cause substantial harm.

Noises – If your boiler is creating noisy banging, hissing or rattling sounds, be safe and turn it off completely until you get it checked by one of our properly certified engineers. If you’re able to isolate where the noise appears to be originating from, perhaps a noisy pump or fan please tell us when you call.

No Noise – is really a reason to be concerned – there could be electrical problems inside your boiler and it almost certainly won’t turn on.

Not Firing – It is not uncommon for ignition problems to cultivate over time. If your boiler won’t light at all, or is just firing for hot water, we are on hand to help, call us today for swift boiler repair.

Error Codes – On a number of modern boilers the LCD display might show a diagnostic error code. When you give us a call please tell us this code, and also the make and model of your boiler.

Pressure – If you continually have to re-pressurise your boiler there might be a leak on the system, if the boiler is losing pressure but there’s no leak, then you might have a defective boiler.

No Hot Water or Heating – There’s a lot of possible reasons for having no heating or hot water whether it’s pump failure, mechanical breakdown, airlocks or valve failure give us a call now for quick, efficient boiler repair in Fulwood.


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boiler repair in fulwoodboiler repair in fulwoodboiler repair in fulwood

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